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 now in it's brand new location at 1325 Elmwood Ave. in Brickstone. 

See you at our new location for
lunch or dinner and our famous
Sunday brunch with table service.

 Relax at the new bar for one of Joey B's 
specialty cocktails or one of your old favorites.

Check back often for pictures and additional information!

"Welcome to Joey B's"
A restaurant of contrasts and incongruities that work, creating a memorable dining experience that combines
casual service with classic Continental cuisine.  

"Even if you aren't a regular,
the staff at Joey B's
will treat you like you are!"

Chef Joseph Brophy states that over the years the restaurant has built a repartee with the regulars who followed the restaurant from its original location, creating a distinct culture that is unique in the area. 

Chef Brophy learned his chops working for former Chappel's chef Greg Broman at the Strathallan in what Brophy calls "the evil eighties." When Broman left in '85, Joe became the head chef, a post he held until 1989, when the Strath was sold. 
(

"We'd like to share this with you"
 Joey B's is... 

Gluten friendly!
(Please ask your server when ordering)


  Filet of Beef Stroganoff is a dinner favorite

 Only the finest ingredients!

Every dish made to order!

Come taste the difference at

Joey B's Restaurant!

Joey B's is located at 1325 Elmwood Ave.
in Rochester, New York 14620.

Available for private party/corporate meetings

            Contact Joe or Amy for details            

(585) 377-9030

 We recommend reservations

Tues.-Sat. 11 am - 2 pm 

 Tuesday- Thursday: from 5:00.... til
Friday-Saturday: from 5:00.... til
Sunday: from 5:00.... til

Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm with table service




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